Videos RUMIT : Season 2

RUMIT 2 | Trailer: New Year, New Problems

April 30, 2019

RUMIT IS BACK WITH SEASON 2! - as promised. Adulting never gets easier, but fret not. We’re in this together. On this new season of RUMIT, you can expect more in-depth discussions and lessons on income tax, education, insurance, and more to come. Get ready! The first episode premieres NEXT TUESDAY, 11.30AM.

Income Tax: A People Problem | RUMIT S2

April 30, 2019

Income Tax. What does it mean for you and how are you affected by it? Many of us don't even know where to begin and for some, in extreme cases, end up in jail. On this first episode of Season 2 RUMIT, we have Dr. Veerinderjeet Singh, Chairman of Axcelasia Inc, to share what it actually means to pay your taxes and how do it RIGHT. #IncomeTax #LHDN #efiling #RUMIT #taxrelief2019 #Malaysia

Personal Connectivity: A Mobile Migraine | RUMIT S2

May 14, 2019

The digital age demands constant online connectivity in order to support daily activities. But some Malaysians aren't smart about the data that they use – with overpriced plans and spotty connections, are users even getting what they’re paying for? #2019 #Mobile #hacks #5G #RUMIT In this episode of RUMIT, Idham Idris from Wealth Vantage Advisory walks us through the common pitfalls of mobile subscriptions, and why something as intangible as data can be expensive for consumers.