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New Age Democracy in Malaysia

April 8, 2020

In times of crisis, political uncertainties are heightened. For some world leaders, this COVID-19 pandemic becomes an opportunity for them to make political moves that work in their favour. But often, these moves tend to pose a challenge to democracy as an institution. Last month, Hungary, Israel, and the Philippines made headlines as their politicians tighten their grip in power in times of COVID-19 crisis. But before this all happened, Malaysia observed something similar in its political power transition in late February. As the world continues to battle this pandemic, should we also expect more political instability and democratic crisis globally? In this video, political scientist Chin-Huat Wong takes us back to recent Malaysia's government transition, and see if what transpired was a crisis waiting to happen, or is the political system no longer able to serve us the way we would like to? --- #langkahsheraton #malaysianpolitics --- *Find BFM89.9 on* Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: For more podcasts and other interesting content, download our app on the App Store or Google Play!