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After about two decades of being dependent on “more experienced adults”, adulthood is when you’re expected to make something of yourself in the real world. By being independent, responsible and mature, this is the stage of life where you’re free to decide your future. From career paths, personal goals or starting a family - it's where real life begins.

But growing up also demands a lot of changes in life. From necessary responsibilities such as retirement planning, credit card bills and student loans to heavy-hitting commitments such as getting married and buying a house or a car, adulting can easily become overwhelming. And if you add things like career progression, personal goals and the ‘search for yourself’ into the mix, being an adult seems like a marathon that never ends.

But where there's a will, there's a way. Becoming an adult is a laborous process of trials and errors, and according to some experts, it will get easier.


Produced by Jazmin Sieh, the series sees her talk to experts about adulthood and its (many) complexities. 
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