Picks of the Week! (21st -27th July 2017)

Picks of the Week! (21st -27th July 2017)

Picks of the Week! (21st -27th July 2017)

compiled by Shahrul Izwan Naser



This week we covered the strategic relationships between US and Chinese government with the commentary from Dr Mahmud Ali of UM. Will Nokia becomes popular again? We've spoken to Vijay Thangavelu of HMD Global on Nokia’s plan moving forward!

Not to forget, we have the music line up for you with local jazz queen, Sheila Majid talks about her tunes and aspirations. While on Wavelength, we showcased the best Thai music and on Take Five, we brings you the journey of jazz music from all around the world.

Here's our pick of the best podcasts from our programming for your listening pleasure: 


1. Wavelength: Thai Special


With our eyes set on unearthing the freshest flavours from unexpected places, we widen our scope with hand-picked musical gems from all across Asia. With a bustling DIY-friendly music scene bulldozing its way through mainstream media – we dive deep into an exclusively Thai special featuring diverse flavour pairings of Thai indie pop, psychedelic rock, reggae and math-rock.


2. Take Five #149


The show that aims to expand and showcase the boundaries & limitations of jazz music, featuring old classics and futuristic compositions from all over the world. Nu-jazz, afro beat, acid jazz, hard bop, free jazz - we cover them all!


3. The Bigger Picture: US-Chinese Strategic Triangles | Dr Mahmud Ali, Research Associate, Institute of China Studies, UM


Dr Mahmud Ali’s latest book, “US-Chinese Strategic Triangles: Examining Indo-Pacific Insecurity,” is the sixth volume in his series on US-China relations. Mahmud talks about the unprecedented nature of the Trump Administration in how it conducts diplomacy, and how China is responding to the US’ questioning of the One China policy, its actions in the South China Sea territorial dispute, and the call to exert more pressure on North Korea.


4. Guess, Who’s Back? Nokia!


Nokia phones is making a comeback in the age of iOS and Androids. Albeit under the HMD Global company, a Finnish company that licensed the rights to produce Nokia phones, brings a trio of Nokia-branded Android devices that are designed to cater for the mid-range of the smartphone market. This battle for the mid-range smarpthones will surely be heated up now. Talking about the birth of these new devices is Vijay Thangavelu, Country Manager for Malaysia and Myanmar, HMD Global.



5. (Untitled) #88 feat Sheila Majid


We're featuring Malaysia's Queen of Jazz as we'll be taking a look at some of her biggest hits like Sinaran, Antara Anyer dan Jakarta and Lagenda, just to name a few. Dato' Sheila Majid talks candidly with Ezra offering some personal insights into some of her top-charting hits. And she also speaks about her latest offering released this year, Boneka.