Picks of the Week of Aug 10, 2018

This Land Is Whose Land?

Dominating headlines for this past week has been the situation in Gua Musang in Kelantan, as tensions ran high when a blockade that was set-up by the Temiar tribe from the Orang Asli community was destroyed by men believed to be ad-hoc workers for a plantation. Sheridan Mahavera, journalist with The Malaysian Insight who has been following the developments closely, talks about the "unseen hands" behind this conflict. Article: Unseen hands behind Orang Asli v planters conflict

Yunus: Breaking Financial Mindsets

Since 1983, Grameen Bank has issued about US$25 billion in collateral-free loans to the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh, while boasting a loan repayment rate of 99%. 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Professor Dr. Muhammad Yunus, shares how his microcredit model has been successfully replicated in over 100 countries, while challenging existing norms in the mainstream financial sector.

The Value of Housework

The first phase of the Suri Incentive programme kicks off today, whereby the government contributes RM40 monthly to over 350,000 housewives registered under the eKasih database, as long as the members save a minimum of RM5 monthly. Ren Chong shares his thoughts on the "i-Suri" programme, and assesses the Pakatan Harapan government's progress in championing women's welfare.

When Buying a Car, 'Budget is Boss'

Nirmala helps us identify and avoid common pitfalls when buying a car.She talks about guiding principles and common mistakes when it comes to buying a car - the differences between car loans and mortgages amongst other things.

Post-Mortem on Pakatan's Hundred Days in Office

Subang MP Wong Chen offers a backbencher's unvarnished and personal take on how his party has performed in its first hundred days in office 25:08 - Dennis Kam, founder of The Harapan Tracker weighs in on this with some burning questions for Wong Chen.