Picks of the Week of Aug 10, 2019

Cooking Up A Plan to Bring Brahim’s Up to Speed

Brahim’s Holding Berhad has been responsible for preparing the in-flight catering for the Malaysia Airlines since 2003 after taking over the MAS Catering. The company has turned around the losses it has undertaken from MAS Catering. However, in 2014, tragedy struck Malaysian Airlines when it lost 2 of its planes that year and it has been an uphill battle ever since for Brahim’s. We speak to founder and Chairman, Dato’ Seri Ibrahim Bin Haji Ahmad on Brahim’s effort to turn around its fortune.

Social Protection Instead Of Affirmative Action

Race-based affirmative action policies have been an albatross around the neck of all Malaysians. Leaders like Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Daim Zainuddin are now touting needs-based affirmative action. Our panel experts argue for social protection instead of affirmative action as the progressive way forward. Forming the panel is Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Norma Mansor at the Social Wellbeing Research Centre of Universiti Malaya, and Stephen Barrett, Chief of Social Policy at UNICEF.   Image: Jahai children at Royal Belum National Park, ©️SC Shekar 2017

'Ringgit Oh Ringgit' on Savings, Tracking Expenses and Money Stories from Malaysians

Most of us are well aware that we should be saving money, but like all good advice, it's easier said than done! Roshan Kanesan speaks to Suraya Zainudin on the struggle of saving money as well as her thoughts and  methods to manage personal finances.

Streamline Gamifies Its Way To Malaysia As Global Industry Hits $139b Annual Value

Alexander Fernandez, CEO and Co-Founder of the gaming production company Streamline Media Group, Inc., talks about his 2010 relocation to KL, Southeast Asia and Malaysia’s pivot towards the $139b global gaming industry.He also addresses the industry’s dark side, such as overwork, burnout, gender discrimination and accusations that it is partly to blame for the spate of gun crimes in America.

The Politics Around Zakir Naik

We take a look at how the polarising figure fits into the current political climate in the country.

The National Car

In this Malaysian-themed episode, Daniel and Ariff react to the news about the New National Car Project and ponder over the proposal. We also take a look at a revitalized Proton through the lenses of its two newest cars: the 2019 Saga and Iriz.