Picks of the Week of Apr 12, 2019

Radioactive Materials, Radiation and How It Affects Us

There has been heated debate over the radioactive waste produced at the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Kuantan, which is owned by Lynas Corporation, Ltd. an Australian rare-earths mining company. Lynas insists that it abides by international safety standards and industry practices, and that critics have ignored the science in the matter. Together with guest host and science journalist Dr. Law Yao Hua, we try to understand the science of radioactivity with the help of medical physicist Prof Ng Kwan Hoong from Universiti Malaya, and Dr Abdul Muin Abdul Rahman, the Deputy Director General of the Malaysian Nuclear Agency.

AmMetLife: Midsize Insurance Company With Big Plans

AmMetLife CEO, Ramzi Toubassy tells us his plans to join the ranks of Malaysia's insurance big league. We discuss the challenges of achieving the investment returns and the importance of the digital platform.

Indonesia - Economy, Employment, and Elections.

Unofficial results indicate that incumbent President Joko Widodo has retained his seat, beating rival and former general Prabowo Subianto. Ahead of the official announcement, we speak to Alden Iswanto, analyst at the KRA Group, for his insights into the issues surrounding the campaigns.

Churn Up! Axiata Digital Is Getting a Boost

Axiata Digital Services, a digital arm of the Axiata Group, has the ambition to create unicorns through their businesses which focus digital advertising, API and digital financial services. We speak to Khairil Abdullah, CEO of Axiata Digital Services about ADS financial strategies as well as ADS Boost e-wallet.

Ministry To Start Computer Programming School

The Communication and Multimedia Ministry plans to set up a computer programming school for secondary school leavers. Its Minister Gobind Singh Deo said the initiative was to train the younger generation to be IT (information technology) savvy so as to be able to compete in the digital age. He said his Ministry was looking at various models in building and developing the computer programming syllabus suitable for schools in Malaysia.