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Keeping Malay Fashion In The Family

Keeping tradition alive is akin to preserving the flames of a fire. Sharifah and her daughter Adilah work very hard to preserve the fire that is Malay traditional wear through their designer label POYA. This week, the mother-daughter power duo tell us how they create unique pieces that uphold the authenticity of traditional Malay culture while at the same time remain contemporary enough to appeal to the future generations. After that, Florence Song of ELLE Malaysia tells us about how a the vintage heritage trend of plaid blazers are making a comeback this fall.

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Retail Reality

A pragmatic Datuk Joyce Yap acknowledges that the business model of shopping malls must change today. "The strong, fittest will survive. To stay relevant, you have to know the critical success factors, you have to evolve. While the hardware is there, the business model needs to be changed," she tells BFM in a candid interview. E-commerce has certainly disrupted the playing field for malls. Even high end brands like LV, Burberry and Gucci have launched mono brand e-commerce sites in China. Just how big is the impact of online shopping on traditional brick and mortar stores, and is the impact growing? "If I tell you it is not growing, I am lying... it is growing (the impact)," Joyce says frankly. She points out that mall operators need to embrace technology and how malls have to be the "right size today but flexible for tomorrow". Retailers in the US have been hit hard this year. Just this past year alone, a number of big retailers in the West have filed for bankruptcy and these include Toys R Us, Gymboree, Payless and BCBG. Adding to that, Credit Suisse came out with a report that predicts up to 25% of shopping malls in the US will close down in the next 5 years. Will this happen here in Asia? Joyce, with over three decades of experience in hand, shares with us her thoughts on this as well as the evolution shopping and whether there is a future for malls here moving forward.

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Working to Death

We complain about being ‘worked to death’ but many of us don’t know what that really means until we take a hard look at what’s happening in Japan. There has been a surge in cases where people have died from logging ridiculous overtime hours, and it’s prompted calls for the government to solve this worrying issue of Karoshi; death from overworking. Professor Scott North from the University of Osaka talks to us about the work culture in Japan and whether the solution to the problem is beyond just adopting a change in mindset.

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An Avenue for Unsigned Musicians

We speak to Kumar Krish, one of the minds behind SKOWT - a platform that signs and promotes unsigned musicians for free - about the passion behind the project, revenue generation, and the importance of giving fresh artistes, independent musicians, and bedroom producers a place to showcase their talents.

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Escaping North Korea

Four years ago, Hyeonseo became the first North Korean defector to speak on the TED Global stage. The video has since been watched over 6 million times. She told her story of her escape from North Korea and how she later helped her family escape too. She tells us more about that story and how she and her family are adjusting to life in South Korea.

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In Spain, The Sun Rises Again

His Excellency Carlos Dominguez Diaz, the Spanish Ambassador to Malaysia, breaks down Catalanonia's independence movement, latterly moving on to the improving Spanish economy, the rise of populism in Europe, what appears to be a dearth of Far-Right politics in Spain and Portugal and the wave of immigration in Europe.

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